Production Guidelines

Until further notice, the following COVID-19 safety guidelines apply to everyone (crew, client, studios, caterer, equipment rental houses, vehicles, etc.) working with us on any of our shoots, at any location.

Issued May 2020. Feel free to use and share. If possible, please credit BEIGE.

I. General Protocol

Regularly wash your hands with water and soap for at least 20 seconds. When no water or soap is available, use hand sanitizers.

Keep a social distance of at least 2m (7ft) between people, whenever possible.

Always wear a face mask.

Do not shake hands. Do not touch your face.

If you develop any coronavirus symptoms (most common symptoms are fever, dry cough, and tiredness), stay/go home (and seek medical help).

II. Specific Rules


Health declaration: Everyone attending the shoot must submit a health declaration (form to be issued by BEIGE) at least 5 days prior to the 1st shoot day.

Health check: Everyone attending the shoot has to closely monitor his/her health already during pre-production and then throughout the shoot. This includes regular temperature checks.

Meetings: Face-to-face meetings should be avoided and instead conducted online. This applies to any meeting, including PPM, castings and fitting.

Travel: We comply with all official travel advisories and do not travel to and shoot at locations that discourage non-essential travel.

Locations: All locations must comply with these safety guidelines (e.g. offer hand washing amenities, provide ample space for social distancing). The guidelines apply equally to location scouting and recce (tech scouting).

Vehicles: All production vehicles and their drivers must comply with these safety guidelines. Drivers must submit the health declaration prior to the shoot. In order to maintain social distancing inside the vehicles, additional cars and vans will be required.

Equipment: All rental houses (e.g. equipment and props) must comply with these safety guidelines. Any delivery/pick-up staff must submit the health declaration prior to the shoot.

Catering: All caterers must comply with these safety guidelines. On-site catering staff must submit the health declaration prior to the shoot. See more details in the ‘Production’ section below.

Cleaning Staff: All hired cleaning staff must submit the health declaration prior to cleaning. Additional time and resources will be allocated for cleaning during pre-light, at the end of each shoot day, and for wrap.


Skeleton crew: Only essential people are allowed on set. All sets are closed; absolutely no visitors.

Safety Manager: A member of the production department will be appointed as Safety Manager. He/she oversees the implementation of these guidelines, constantly monitors the COVID-19 situation, and provides daily (pre-shoot) safety briefings to the team.

Safety signs: Safety signs will be posted throughout the set. Such signs include the above ‘General Protocol’ and social distancing marks. If possible, zones are established to facilitate social distancing (disperse groups).

Sanitation: Disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizers, masks and gloves are provided on set.

Hair & makeup: The hair & makeup team must wear gloves whenever possible. Applicators cannot be shared between talents, and must be replaced with new ones at the end of each shoot day.

Shoot schedule: Whenever possible, shoot schedules are staggered to allow for social distancing. E.g., we will try to arrange multiple lunch breaks to avoid larger gatherings.

Meals & Snacks: Only on-site catering or delivery is allowed (no restaurants). All food (including crafties) is served individually only. No buffets or shared dispensers. When queuing for food, social distancing must be maintained.

Water bottles: BEIGE already follows a no-plastic-bottles convention, which will be strictly enforced as part of the COVID-19 safety guidelines. Everyone is requested to bring, take care and take home their own reusable water bottles.

Call sheets: BEIGE already follows a paperless office convention, which will be strictly enforced as part of the COVID-19 safety guidelines. All production documents, including call sheets are provided in digital form only. No printed documents will be handed out.

Cleaning: At the end of each shoot day, set, vehicles, equipment, props, etc. will be professionally deep-cleaned.

Transportation: These safety rules apply to all individual travel to/from the shoot. We also expect everyone to follow these guidelines during off-time in between shoot days.

III. Resources

Guidelines as Google Doc. Live doc, will be constantly updated. All comments welcome!
Guidelines as PDF

World Health Organization
Center for Disease Control
Japanese Ministry for Health, Labour & Welfare

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