Say Aloha to Tokyo’s Rising Musicians

I never thought too much of Hawaiian shirts, despite this guy. Yes, I did own one (a long time ago), but wearing it seemed to convey a touch of nerdiness. 

So I was a bit, say, skeptical when I heard that we’re producing a photoshoot for an Aloha (apparently, that’s the official name) shirts story for The New York Times’ T-Magazine. The story is out, and I quickly realized that the nerdiness had to do with me, not the shirt.

Check out the article featuring emerging Japanese music talents, including Yurufuwa Gang, Kohhei Matsuda of Bo Ningen, and Ryo Takaiwa of the Throttle. They’re all wearing Hawaiian shirts and still look so cool! Of course, the great photography of Yusuke Yamatani, and the perfect styling of Carlos Nazario had a lot to do with that.

This was a fun production. Truly rock ‘n roll. A big thanks to everyone who made this happen (and came up with the brilliant idea in the first place). More photos in our portfolio.

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