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  • Condé Nast’s MADAME magazine comes to Tokyo

    Tokyo is en vogue. So it’s not surprising that Condé Nast made this city the centerpiece of their MADAME magazine fashion issue, available in Air France’s business and first class.

  • Say Aloha to Tokyo’s Rising Musicians

    I never thought too much of Hawaiian shirts, despite this guy. Yes, I did own one (a long time ago), but wearing it seemed to convey a touch of nerdiness. 

  • Kengo Kuma’s Architecture

    We’ve alway been a big fan of Kengo Kuma, one of Japan’s, and (soon) the world’s, most celebrated architects. So you can imagine our delight when The New York Times asked us to help produce a story about him.

  • New Generation of Japanese Accommodations

    Ayumi, who’s one of our partners here at Beige, has been in touch with the New York Times’ T Magazine to discuss story ideas on design and architecture in Japan. And now we’re excited (and proud) to see the first article published in T Magazine.

  • It’s that time of the year again: Fashion Week

    We’re back from Paris Fashion Week. During the past few years, we’ve probably covered more than 50 shows at Fashion Weeks in New York, Milan, London and Paris (here’s a video from Paris). Yet, it’s still one of the events we really look forward to every season.

  • Exploring Tokyo with Instagram influencers

    We’re thrilled that Shiseido has selected us to create a series of influencer videos for the launch of its new skincare line, WASO. In close collaboration with No. 82, we partnered with 3 influencers, Jenn Im, Susie Bubble and Natacha Birds,

  • Creating the ‘Beauty of Drama’.

    We are very happy to once again have worked with Shiseido on the launch of a new product line; this time, the Inkstroke eyeliner and brush. While the initial approach was to create a series of howto videos,

  • Hola, Tokyo!

    We’re excited (and a little bit proud) about opening a Tokyo office. We’ll camp in Yokohama first, but then transition into a new location in Tokyo, closer to some of the Japanese clients we’ve been working with. Stay tuned, more to come.